What we do

Who is Throw Me Something?

My name is Katie Goodlife.  I am the owner of Throw Me Something.  I currently teach art at Woodlawn Middle School, and I love my job.  There is something amazing about teaching a group of students something new and creative. My students favorite unit is ceramics.  They love both handbuilding and throwing.  This is one thing that 99% of my students have never experienced and something they will most likely never do after they leave Woodlawn.

After lots of thought this year, I decided I would open an art studio.  I finally will have a place of my own to create my art and teach from.  Originally, the art studio was only going to provide classes for kids, focusing on drawing and painting, not ceramics.  I started thinking about my students and my own kids, and what they would like to learn.  Mud!!! It’s the most fun and creative.  Who didn’t like mud growing up.  It’s messy, and when you put it together just right, it makes something amazing.  My son has a captain america bowl I made for him 2 years ago.  The kid uses it everyday and often refuses to eat cereal out of any other bowl.  With clay you can use your imagination to create anything.  I love it!

Throw Me Something will allow kids and adults to do something they have never done before.  It will be an exciting year.