Birthday Parties!!

Come spend your birthday with us!  We have different options to choose from.

  1.  Glazing Pottery:  You get to pick out, prior to the event, a ceramic piece which is perfect for your party.  The kids will have a great time glazing while you get to relax.  After the party is over I will fire all the pieces in the kiln and you will pick them up in a week.  The firing gives a glass coating which amazes the kids when they get it back.  $20-$25 per kid with a 10 kid minimum.
  2. Painting pottery:  Everything is the same as above except your kids with paint the ceramic with acrylic paint.  The kids will take their piece home that day. $20-$25 per kid.
  3. Paint a canvas:  I will create a special canvas to match your son or daughters theme.  Each child will go home with their own 11″x14″ canvas.  $22 per kid.

You may bring any food or drink to help celebrate your child’s birthday!  Contact us at